2nd International Workshop on Big Data for Sustainable Development

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Program :  2nd International Workshop on Big Data for Sustainable Development  8:00-17:30 on 5th December, 2016                                                         (Read more here )


IEEE Big Data 2016

2016 IEEE International Conference on Big Data
Dec 5 – 8, 2016 @ Washington D.C., USA



Sustainability is an important issue in the modern world. Its human society needs to regard the potentials of sustainability from a global perspective. World leaders have adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in UN historic Summit in September 2015. Presently, it cannot be said that the definition of sustainability is complete. However, it can be expected that evaluating the current risk of socioeconomic systems, foreseeing any future risks and implementing resilience and improving efficiency into them may build a sustainable society.
To do so, it seems to be necessary to understand the state of socioeconomic systems (nowcast) from evidences and to possess design concepts regarding future (foresee). Currently, we have rich data on socioeconomic-environmental systems due to development of information and communication technology. For example, we have rich data on demography with geographical information, point-to-point data on transportation statistics and economic activities from e-commerce platforms. It is expected that we will be able to understand our societal activities and find room for improvement. To do so, we have several challenges. Firstly, we need to construct rich a database on socio-economic-environmental systems. Secondly, we need computational methodologies to infer these measures from a statistical point of view, since this data is always incomplete. Thirdly, we need to consider a method to implement novel technologies into societal problems.
In this workshop, we intend to share visions to investigate socio-techno-environmental systems based on rich data with researchers and exchange new ideas based on current state-of-the-arts. In this workshop, we set two goals:
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Authors with interests in any of the listed topics or any other topic related to sustainability are cordially invited to submit their work. All submissions should be in high quality, original and not published or under review elsewhere during the review process.

Submitted papers have to follow the IEEE official template (latex, ms-word). Maximum paper length allowed is:

  • Full Papers: 8 to 10 pages
  • Short Papers: 4 pages
  • Position Papers: 4 pages;

Please submit your manuscript from here.

Important announcement 

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Program :  

2nd International Workshop on Big Data for Sustainable Development  8:00-17:30
on 5th December, 2016

Program Chair and co-Chair

  • Program Chair:

Dr. Aki-Hiro Sato

(Kyoto University) (aki@i.kyoto-u.ac.jp)

  • Program Co-chairs:

Dr. Laura Irina Rusu (IBM Research, Australia)

Ms. Gandhi Sivakumar (Watson CoC, Master Inventor, IBM Research, Australia)

Program Committee Members

  • Dr. Meiko Jensen (Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
  • Dr. Aki-Hiro Sato (Kyoto University, Japan)
  • Dr. Takashi Isogai (Bank of Japan, Japan)
  • Dr. Yoshiharu Maeno (NEC, Japan)
  • Dr. Takashi Irohara (Sophia University, Japan)
  • Dr. Till Becker (The University of Bremen, Germany)
  • Dr. Hiroshi Tsuda (Doshisha University, Japan)
  • Dr. Antoaneta Serguieva (University College London, UK)
  • Dr. Hidefumi Sawai (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan)
  • Dr. Laura Irina Rusu (IBM Research, Australia)
  • Ms. Gandhi Sivakumar (Watson CoC, Master Inventor, IBM Research, Australia)